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Continuing Education

Earn your continuing education units (CEUs)! According to the California Department of Public Health, "Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) must complete 48 hours of continuing education every 2 years. CNAs must comply with State and Federal law, including in-service and continuing education hours. Pursuant to Health & Safety Code, Section 1337.6 (a)(1), '…At least 12 of the 48 hours of in-service training shall be completed in each of the two years. Twenty-four of the 48 hours of in-service training may be obtained through online computer training program approved by the Licensing and Certification Division of the state department.'" CNAs must indicate the number of completed in-service or continuing education on the renewal (CDPH283C)."

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Enhance your skills and earn extra cash with free continuing education! The Gateway-In Project© CNA & HHA has partnered with Embodied Labs to offer the amazing opportunity to elevate all our certified graduates with free interactive training labs crafted to immerse you in a range of patient perspectives through lifelike simulations.

But that's not all – you may be eligible to receive up to $500 in bonuses by completing the series of training labs*. Request your free Embodied Labs account today to start learning and earning!

*Must meet eligibility criteria for complimentary Embodied Labs user account and training bonus payments.

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LeadingAgeCA and The Gateway-In Project© have joined forces with Carrie Chiusano to offer an informative and engaging Dementia Care 101 Webinar Series. The series provides a comprehensive understanding of Dementia and Alzheimer's care, enhancing your knowledge and empathy towards patients requiring specialized care. This program is designed to equip you with essential skills and knowledge to improve the care of dementia and Alzheimer's patients. We invite all certified graduates to participate in this webinar series and benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience offered by our experts. Upon attendance of select eligible webinars please submit the education incentive form below for your continuing education *bonus(es).

*Graduates are eligible for continuing education bonuses provided they still have remaining funding and have passed their state certification. 

Additional Continuing Education Options

Are you a Certified Nursing Assistant who has completed Continuing Education Units outside of training offered through The Gateway-In Project©?  Participants of The Gateway-In Project© CNA & HHA are eligible to receive $50* per every 1 CEU credit received from outside sources. You must provide proof of CEU credit(s) when completing your request form in order to receive incentives.

To explore more online continuing education opportunities, click the following link for a curated list of providers.

*Only Graduates of The Gateway-In Project© CNA & HHA are eligible for continuing education bonuses provided they still have remaining funding and have passed their state certification.

About Embodied Labs

What is Embodied Labs?

Embodied Labs creates first-person immersive experiences that put YOU behind the eyes of older adults and care providers, to better understand their unique perspectives and challenges, navigating the aging process.” In other words, you will be going through an online assimilation as if you were an older adult experiencing these scenarios. This gives you a deeper understanding of the empathy needed to work in this profession.

What are the Embodied Labs eligibility requirements?
For students who have received tuition funding for Certified Nursing Assistant training, you are required to:
  1. Complete the training course in its entirety
  2. Attend a Post-Graduation Info-Session with The Gateway-In Project within 14 days of graduating your course
  3. Take your CNA State Exam
  4. Submit exam results to The Gateway-In Project using our website's exam status update form.
For students who solely received tuition funding for Home Health Aide training, you are required to:
  1. Complete the training course in its entirety
  2. Attend a Post-Graduation Info-Session with The Gateway-In Project within 14 days of graduating your course
For HHA-only students, reporting exam information is not necessary.
How can I sign up for Embodied Labs?

Graduates of The Gateway-In Project© can receive a complimentary Embodied Labs account to access online training. Request your free license code and account setup instructions here.

What are the eligible lab training sessions offered through Embodied Labs?

The following nine labs can be taken for the incentive bonus. Throughout these training sessions, you will immerse yourself in the perspective of the fictional character you are studying, experiencing the content from their point of view. You must complete the lab in its entirety to be eligible for an incentive bonus.

The following labs are available:

  1. The Alfred Lab (14:42) Vision and Hearing Loss: In this lab, you'll embody Alfred, a 74-year-old African American man with macular degeneration and high frequency hearing loss, as he spends time with family, visits the doctor, and receives a diagnosis. As Alfred goes about his daily life, you'll learn how deficits in hearing and vision affect communication and impact emotional well-being.

  2. The Beatriz Lab (23:15) A Journey through Alzheimer’s Disease: In this lab you’ll embody Beatriz, a middle-aged Latina woman, as progressive Alzheimer’s Disease causes changes in her brain. From the onset of symptoms to late stage disease and the transition to residential care, you’ll understand the profound effect Alzheimer’s has on daily life, from processing and cognition to relationships and emotional well-being.

  3. The Clay Lab (21:00) End of Life Conversations: In this lab you’ll embody Clay, a 66-year-old veteran with stage IV, terminal lung cancer as he comes to terms with the reality of his diagnosis. As Clay, you'll experience the transition to hospice care, learn the importance of clear, compassionate communication about end-of-life decisions and what to expect in the final days.

  4. The Dima Lab (28:30) Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) & Parkinson’s Disease (PD): In this lab you'll embody Dima, a Lebanese-American immigrant living with symptoms of both Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease, as she transitions from life at home to a residential community. Through this experience, you'll learn to identify the differing symptoms of these two conditions and how to manage care as symptoms evolve.

  5. The Eden Lab (34:00) Trans Health & LGBT Aging: In this lab, you will embody Eden, a trans woman, and experience a series of personal encounters throughout the lifespan that are typical, defining moments of many older, transgender adults living today. You'll also have the opportunity to jump into the perspectives of additional older LGBT adults to explore the topics of home care, healthcare, family, and housing.

  6. The Frank Lab (27:30) Effects of Social Isolation: In this lab, you'll embody Frank, a 72-year old man whose wife passed away a few months ago. In the first module, you'll experience the destructive impacts of social isolation and learn how it can overlap with loneliness, poor family relationships and health, and more. In the second module, you'll embody Frank again, but this time you'll see how Frank can have better health, more rewarding relationships, and find purpose again when offered proper support.

  7. Elder Safety & Well-Being (18:00) Preserving Physical & Psychological Health: The Elder Safety and Well-Being Lab focuses on preserving physical and psychological health for older adults and their caregivers. Learn to maintain professionalism while assertively advocating for safe treatment of older adults in Intervention and De-escalation. Identify best practices for supporting older adults with a history of trauma by embodying a veteran with PTSD, and see the warning signs and risks associated with compassion fatigue in Caregiver Burnout.

  8. Customer Service (20:30) Relationship Dynamics & Communication Strategies: The Customer Service Lab focuses on personal relationships with co-workers, residents and family members. Experience vulnerability and anxiety as you rely on others for basic human needs in Problem Solving. Identify communication challenges and identify successful approach techniques in Personalized Care, and find ways to build trust and respect with your teammates in Becoming a Team.

  9. The Rosie Lab (14:00) Home Health Assessments: This lab allows learners to evaluate health and safety risks by honing their observation, communication, and assessment skills as they embody a social worker performing a series of home visits in response to concerning hotline calls.
What incentive bonuses are available for Embodied Labs?

The Gateway-In Project© offers $50 per completed lab training session through Embodied Labs. There are a total of nine lab training sessions eligible for this incentive. If you complete ALL nine labs, you will receive an extra bonus for a maximum total of $500.

While you are welcome to pursue additional labs for personal knowledge and skill development, it's important to note that completing them won't contribute to an increase in the incentive amount.

About Dementia Care 101

What is Dementia Care 101?

Dementia Care 101 is a unique collaboration between LeadingAgeCA and Presbyterian SeniorCare Network. The executive Director of the Dementia Care Center of Excellence, Carrie Chiusano, dives deeper into the nuances of understanding and care of individuals with dementia and/or Alzheimer's.  

How can I sign up for Dementia Care 101 webinars?

Graduates of The Gateway-In Project©: CNA & HHA who are eligible will receive an email prior to the scheduled webinars, inviting them to register to attend for free. 

What incentive bonuses are available for webinars?

The Gateway-In Project©: CNA & HHA offers $50 per completed webinar training session. Eligible webinars will be emailed to our participants as they become available. If you complete alternative continuing education options and utilize the full $500 education fund you will no longer be eligible for additional bonuses. 

However, if you still have remaining wraparound funding we may still be able to cover the cost of you attending webinars.

While you are welcome to pursue additional continuing education for personal knowledge skill development, and CEU requirements per your CNA license, it's important to note that completing them won't contribute to an increase in the incentive amount.

What are the eligibility requirements for bonuses and webinar costs being covered?

If you complete all nine of the available courses in Embodied Labs you will not be eligible for additional education bonuses. If you have utilized all remaining wraparound funding you may not be eligible to take our webinar courses for free. 

How do I complete my incentive bonus form?

The incentive bonus form can be viewed here. When you fill out the form, select "Webinar"  within the Item Description dropdown option and the Total Amount dropdown option as "$50". Once your digital signature is placed you will "Click to Sign" and the form will be sent to our staff to process. Your form will be reviewed within 1 business week, and an additional  30 business days for payment to process.