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Service Coordinator

Are you interested in pursuing a career as a Service Coordinator?
The Gateway-In Project© Health Care Social Worker provides free training in California. 

What is a Service Coordinator?

According to, "A service coordinator oversees the needs of customers and clients in an organization. They are involved in the management of service employees and in the resolution of the complaints of clients and customers. Service coordinators can work for nonprofit organizations, marketing firms, retail organizations or real estate agencies."

How much can I make as a Service Coordinator?

According to, the average Service Coordinator in California makes $48,391 a year, with the typical range being somewhere between $43,318 and $51,135 , dependent on experience, education, and other factors. 

What is the career outlook for a Service Coordinator?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects job prospects for Service Coordinators to grow about 5% faster than the average between 2021 and 2031. It's surmised that the cause of this growth is due to the aging baby-boomer population that is more likely to rely on social workers for the support they need.