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The Gateway-In Project©: Health Care Social Worker Potential Student CNA Info Session

Every Tuesday │ 2:00 PM │ Online Webinar
An informational session for joining The Gateway-In Project©: Health Care Social Worker. Here, we will answer your questions about our project, and how we can get you started on a new career as a CNA!

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Dementia Care 101 Webinar: Bathroom Secrets and Successful Incontinence Strategies

February 23, 2024 │ Online Webinar
Learn practical insights from a dementia care expert in the field on innovative approaches tailored to enhance daily care and tackle challenging situations, focusing on bathroom-related routines and incontinence management. 

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Dementia Care 101 Webinar: Understand/Responding to Distressed Reactions for Individuals w/ Dementia

March 15, 2024 │ Online Webinar
With better understanding comes better support! Exploring dementia is just the beginning. Delving into the true dynamics of caring for someone living with dementia is a whole new level of comprehension. This session focuses on innovative approaches to manage distressed reactions while emphasizing proactive measures to prevent them. Empower yourself with knowledge and discover better ways to provide care!

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Dementia Care 101 Webinar: Is There a Pill for This?!

April 15, 2024 │ Online Webinar
Not every challenge needs a pill! You can understand dementia, but to really gain profound insights into the reality of providing care for individuals living with dementia is another. Delve into the intricacies of dementia care with our one-hour educational session led by a seasoned expert in the field. Don't miss this valuable opportunity to explore effective strategies and innovative approaches in daily care and challenging situations.

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LeadingAge California BOLD Annual Conference & Expo 2024

May 13-15, 2024 │ Anaheim, CA
The LeadingAge California BOLD Annual Conference & Expo is one of the largest premier annual conferences on the West Coast supporting the continuum of care for older adults. Connect with peers, advance your career with CE opportunities and help transform the future of aging services.

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Dementia Care 101 Webinar: Successful Engagement

May 28, 2024 │ Online Webinar
We all deserve independence! Beyond understanding the basics lies the true insight into the daily realities of supporting someone living with dementia. Delve into innovative approaches aimed at fostering independence and maintaining the joy and engagement of those living with dementia. This session will concentrate on innovative approaches to care for the person living with dementia and keeping them engaged and happy with more independence. Elevate your caregiving skills and help create a happier, more fulfilling environment for your loved ones!

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The Gateway-In Project Career Fair

More information coming soon for 2024 dates and locations!