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Employment Bonuses

Are you employed after receiving training through The Gateway-In Project©? Let us know and receive a cash bonus!
As a graduate of The Gateway-In Project©, you may qualify for cash retention bonuses after meeting employment criteria. 

Employment Criteria

To be eligible for a retention bonus, the individual must be:

  • Graduated from a training program through The Gateway-In Project© 
  • Employed as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Home Health Aide (HHA) with a Home and Community-Based Services Provider in California for at least one (1) month. 
  • Able to provide proof of consecutive paystubs showing employment.

Bonus Offers

After meeting the criteria, individuals may be eligible for the following bonuses:

  • One (1) month of consecutive employment: $500
  • Six (6) months of consecutive employment: $500
  • Twelve (12) months of consecutive employment: $500

Eligible bonus payments can only be issued once per graduate for each duration of employment listed above.
Contact us for more information and to receive a bonus request form.